Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

have found Mayan End of the World

Monday ,28-03-2011
I looked at the laptop screen does not blink everydays .After a hundreds of sites and blog have been read and then go switch a journey and spen another blogger.Dibilik sites and blogs that it is so much information makes my head sometimes heavy full contents.Without knowing for what I've read all gather in memory brain.without can process accumulate in the brain that actually thinks there is no form of wild .. so shut the room door lying useless thoughts become useless spam .. burdensome memoryku download anything that I think worth reading. in the end..
I too could only look at the genius minds of people, amazed to see the development of social networksthe king of facebook, google search engine also another king.twitter and in the greatness of others without getting out there .enjoy game site / the blog .and me to stay submerged for months from time to time as a user can only lovers who loyal.ON I'd love to Creating, can make people happy are the points at home alone I want Mark zukenberg [CEO fb] visit my blog, I Want Obama to see and read my writing, and I want to date with Angelina Jolie diblogku ha .. ha ... ha beautiful and easy dream that I hope they read this Curhatku wkwkwkk dech .. dream. com [free while for dreaming he3x] Enough already I breathe miscellaneousExperience surfing the internet with my eyes wet with sweat. Freefall site / blog-blog great basic dive into the alleys and maze full of makna.
roamer whitewater ocean of information. Creating hands and my fingers cramping, aching down to the only otak.Otak This one can hold billions of words and can record hundreds of songs & sound.sometime me giddy when drowsiness hits, beverage glasses nevertheless not make me happy even more and feel thirst in the journey
If I have a Golden Compass that can make me stop, knowing I've
until at the end of the world and if I could read the stars I will find the end of my world at the time this itu.but maturation process of mind which fortunately has not rusted despite rather heavy filled with despair.
Trying to stop fascinated Without writing anything that is why keep spinning non cant do it blocked, then hit the surf and eat what I went through without feeling Full.Padahal I also want to conquer the end of a battle mengarunggi virtual world that I have not found the end finally .
And finally I found also roads to the tip of the virtual world on a map of "freedom". The area of ​​freedom that had seen steep and taboo to pass .. even called a sadist like a den of thieves .. I found this island of freedom that this dive I was looking for an existing map in my page saved my blog .. like a treasure trove that is much sought after by he3x my version ..!
Om Thanks to google who always accompany me in search my journey tip your world, thanks also bang Yahoo has given me a very hard road originally from dark to full light the star that roamed wild in my brain about a utopian and now
commit armed robbery to immediately work for my boat to be great .. and did not sink like the Titanic because of his arrogance,, drove crashed into an ice island that has frozen my mind for many years, driving with radar sincerity give the best to all ..
Poetry "
Love your best dream ..
Then the road will stretch ..
Develop sails ..
Sailed non-stop ..
Do not turn round again ..

Imagine the end of this road end ..
So the time will give it ..
At a reasonable price ..
Here's to the Golden Compassnya

The tip of your world and make a palace ..
The contents of which inner satisfaction from him ...
A garden full of flowers ..
Giving quintessence of life ...
In the land of a thousand and one night ...!
Because freedom is not for one night ...!

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